How do I respond to a boyfriend that is lashing out on me for trying to give him life advice?

It's really bad.

He is not accountable at all for most of the things going on in his life.
Apparently to him everything is going to magically get done for him- and when it doesn't, he cries about how he has the worse luck.

When I try to help him, he tells me I'm being a b****h and he needs support, not being told what to do.
I don't boss him around either! I just remind him to do things like submit his court papers or he'll get fined or disciplined.

He also goes and accuses me of having relations with my ex who is honestly just my best friend who has a girlfriend.
No matter the topic of discussion, my friendship with my ex is always thrown in my face. No matter how much I assure him and treat him well, he always thinks I'm cheating.


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  • you should leave him.


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