He Misses Me More Than He's Comfortable With/Deep Feelings Meaning What?

I've been seeing this guy for over a year now. We dated for eight months, broke up for a month due to complications, then got back together, agreeing that it would be casual of sorts. This agreement has been going on four months as of this month. Like most guys, my guy does not express himself too much. He has always told me he loves me, and lately he says he loves me very much. The thing is... as we are casual, he is interested in dating someone else. Yet the other day we were talking and he said he misses me more than he is comfortable with when we are apart. I asked him what that meant (it sounded like a compliment but I wasn't sure, that totally threw me off) and he said it was a compliment and his feelings for me ran (run?) deep. My question is what exactly should I take from all that? What does the phrase 'deep feelings' mean, exactly? And should I take what he said as a compliment?


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  • its a compliment.


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