What was your best or worst online dating experience?

Just want to hear stories.


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  • The woman who I met online and we fell deep in love. 10 days before she we was supposed to get together she was hit by drunk driver. for 2 years she was in the hospital. Her legs would not work so the 27th of Dec 2011. She went into surgery to fix her legs. She had a double cardiac arrest and the oxygen was cut from her brain. This surgery put her in a "vegetable" state and the only thing she could say was "I love you " repeatedly afterwards. I used to make her videos and voice messages to let her know I'm there for her. For 3 years I waited for to put her life together, cried daily. And when the time came when she was stable enough to have a relationship. She took my Love, dedication, loyalty and friendship and through it so far out of her life and closed the door behind her (why?). Busted my heart in deuce. Couldn't believe someone could be so cruel after all. you do for them. Never once did I have expectations just hope. No obligations just trust... Love was true real and unconditional. Lessons learned.
    Nothing is more heartbreaking or desirable then the unobtainable.


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