Is she not interested?

My friend is setting me up with her friend and I'm very excited. We have a lot in common and she sounds like a sweet girl. We met on Monday and agreed to go out on Friday. I'm a rookie in dating having never been on a date. My friend told her this since the girl said " I've heard this will be your 1st date?"in a sarcastic tone. Everytime I texted/called she'll make an excuse to end the conversation. Today I texted her plans for our date and she responds 4 hours later with "whatever." I'm starting to doubt she wants to go out with me. What do you think? Should I tell her she can skip it? We're 21.


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  • I dealing the same situation right now too, brother. This girl hasn't respond to me for five days now and so I stop caring and trying, even though I invested a lot of thought into it. I'll say, try one more genuine call to her and if she's not giving you the type of respect you want or odd/weird/rude response then just move on. Who knows, she's probably dating other guys too or just want attention.

    Goodluck bro



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  • she's probably playing hard to get, go surprise her on the date


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