What if I just kissed him? I'm seeing him this weekend, we are all going out?

Weve been hooking up for the last 5 months. We first slept together and then he asked me out on a date, and another. But after we just kept Thooking up because I was away at school, so only saw him once or twice a month. But then we just kind of stopped, because I refused to kiss him when we were out drinking about a month ago because I was starting to get feelings for him and I didn't want to get hurt. He got pretty mad and said something rude to me so I walked away, and he ended up leaving after too. Two weeks later he was supposed to go to a festival with his friend and his sister and her 2 friends. His sister is my best friend and I currently live with her. So I bought a ticket last minute. I had his sisters (shes my really good friend and roommate) phone the other day because mine died and my name popped in a text.. so I read the convo, it was with his friend. His friend was saying that he was pissed I was coming to the festival at the time. And she asked why and he was like why do you think and she just answered he needs to grow up. why was he pissed? by the way I read this convo like two days ago so I had no idea he was mad. And during the festival, which was a day camping one, he barely talked to me and pretty much ignored me, and I also ignores him. This other girl on the trip, her ng broke up with her day 2 while we were there, so she was all over him... And they were hanging out together the whole time. What's his deal uh. Can I get him back?
Anyways neither of us really said how we felt. And Just assumed we were hooking up and should have td him how I felt then instead of just turning his kiss down. I do still have feelings for him. Can I still fix it? I recently just started talking to him again, just casually. Because it's been awkward and we've both avoided each other.

what if I just went in and kissed him? We're all going out this weekend? Would he kiss be back or would he not be into it?


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  • It could go both ways I don't know how u Stan right now but he could go crazy for u if u kiss him or he could reject u and get scared with mixed feelings if u kiss him it should be when u have some space from people and dark out if things go wrong u can talk it out and if it gose good u can senak away good luck

    • what do you mean dark out things?

    • At night little light so u have privacy between u two if u kiss or need to talk it won't be open to the world to c just u two

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  • He's either butt hurt that he doesn't get sex from you anymore, or he genuinely likes you and feels you blew him off.

    When you refused to kiss him before, did you tell him it was because you were catching feelings?

    • No, I didn't tell him why. And I stopped having sex with him like 4 months ago.. wed always just kiss, get naked but not have sex

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  • just kiss him.


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