Has anyone ever fell out of love?

If so, how did you feel? Do you regret it? Why did you lose feelings for that person?


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  • I lost feelings for a crush when I was going to confess to her. I saw her making out with her boyfriend that none of her friends knew about (I asked them already by this point).
    Then she broke up with him (he outright cheated on her and tried playing it off as no big deal). I developed feelings for her again and decided to confess again. But before I did, I heard she had gotten back together with this guy.

    So I basically said "Screw it, not worth it, I can do better," and haven't looked back since.

    • Good thing that didn't work out. I don't think she was right for you anyways. She probably didn't tell her friends because she knew he didn't treat her good. Well I've been with my current boyfriend for four years and lately I just feel like I don't love him but I just don't want to let the relationship go and regret it because he's an amazing boyfriend. I just feel so conflicted, does this make me a bad Person? I know he'll make a great husband.

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    • You sound very knowledgeable and wise for someone who is only 19 years old. I do love him a lot but I just feel like we are taking a really long time to progress to the next level because he refuses to look for a job although he claims no one will hire him in his field which is not true. I just wish we just faced reality and realize that in the end of the day some of us aren't as lucky and don't get to do what we want to do. The thought of knowing that the rest of my life is longer really scares me. I think I'm going to keep trying, if it's meant to be then it won't be my choice either way.

    • Also, I don't want to hurt him. I feel like such a bad person but I don't know I can't again these feelings :(

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  • *raises paw* Yeah, I'm guilty of it. Communication broke down and it just wasn't working anymore. I didn't regret it, I took it as a learning experience.

    • Did your significant other still love you after the relationship ended? And how long were you two together?

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    • How did you move pass this feeling? I feel like it's been eating me up for a while. That's a really interesting quote. I kind of wish I could pay for the ride because at least I'll know the end result... I just feel like this is the wrong time to feel the way since I'm not getting younger. I want to hopefully have kids soon even though my chances are probably unlikely.

    • People have kids well into their 40's these days. I don't think you have to worry. :)

      Lots of soul searching. Realizing I was the problem and not the solution. Being honest with myself was so much harder than living the lie. But in the end, I came together with myself, and both halves of me embraced each other and agreed to work together. It's something of a curse. Now that I finally know what I did wrong, it's too late to change it. The only thing I can control is the future, and even then it's limited. I'll never be a perfect person, I know that. All I can do is try to learn from what I've done and not let it happen again. It's how we grow.

  • Not really sure if it is love or lust but i surely fell really hard, may be i should called it "obsession"
    I dont regret it, it is very good experience for me
    lost the feeling becos she slept with other guy

    • I'm sorry that happened, I think it was the best it. I hope you weren't in a relationship with her for a long time. If so, she should have told you.

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    • I mean cheated on you*

    • i had intimacy problem back then , i guess it is because of that

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  • Yes, I have. I remember being in a shop together and just looking at him and realising that I didn't love him anymore. We grew apart for various reasons and we just didn't work that well. We had amazing sexual chemistry which is the thing that kept us together more than anything. However, outside of that we didn't communicate very well. I am glad it ended and we have both moved on and never looked back.

    • Do you eve regret it? What happens if he still loved you? Would you feel wrong for ending it?

    • At first I regretted it because I thought I had been too harsh on him but then the same old feelings start to come back and I realised it was never going to anything different. He declared his love for me and said that I was making a huge mistake but I stuck to my guns and so did he. We both did ourselves a huge favour. Going back and restarting everything would have been once more round the ferris wheel and it was just not worth it in my opinion.

  • It happens over time. Nothing you can do about it...
    Not always, of course, but sometimes. And it's a strange feeling of not caring in the romantic sense anymore.
    Still caring in the friendship sense... so...

    • Why do these things happen :( has this happened to you? If so, did you regret it afterwards?

    • Yes, it happened. I can't regret something I had no control over. I didn't do anything it just happened...
      Like an accident. O. o

  • I fell out of love (first time) and I don't regret it. I tried to stay in our relationship thinking that my feelings might come back but it did not and it was suffocating so I decided to end things. I lost feelings cause I got bored. He's so nice to me and I always have the say in our relationship, its like I was the only one working on it. I always decide where to go and stuff and that bored me. He never says no nor suggest things to do.

    • I kind of feel that way in my current relationship. Isn't it better to date someone who puts you first versus someone who wants everything his way? I guess what I'm trying to say is, do you prefer an asshole?

  • I found out something off-putting about them.


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