Should I ignore what I'm feeling?

There's this guy I like and he's a little over a year older. I don't have anyway of talking to him it's summer break. He seams like he liked me during school, he stares at me a lot and anywhere and when we first were in an area together he said hi then looked down and blushed. He would make direct eye contact with me and he seemed very straight forward, but when I told him I liked him just to get it off my chest he didn't say anything back, but continued staring at me and everything days afterwards. I was trying to forget him but when I ask God to guide me and my instincts the right way I'm drawn back to him. I'll forget him but then that feeling comes back and I can't shake it. Should I be with him? It's weird I've never had this issue. Should I maybe keep waiting on him or let him go?
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  • What do you mean you've never had this issue with any other guy? Are you saying you're "popular"?


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  • You should forget him. If he truly wanted you, he would have told you that your feelings are reciprocated, or he would have made a move.


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  • Don't give up. Could you somehow like direct message him or something? I'm kinda in the same situation as you

    • Well I could but I feel like that could be weird in this situation

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    • R u really going to try?

    • Maybe haha I don't know

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