What a surprise , is this for real?

basically i used to go out with a girl , she ended it when feelings started to develop , then moved to another guy ( not on purpose) then ended it for the same reason and moved to another one then ended it and now she is with a guy that is... well unattractive and really all that confident or fun but she likes him , when i asked what is her type since all of the guys she has been with had these 3 qualtiies , cool, good looking, witty... and to my surpirse she said she used to like good looking , witty guys who appear and act so confident and cool but it was a mistake since they just hurt her so now she went with the opposite , so what basically did she call me good looking and cool? and she keeps telling me how many good qualities i have, according to her the guys she liked were the kind of guys that girls go after during highschool , i never got to show her my true self but she liked me anyway... at least at the begging so i thought i had no reason to ruin it but appearantly she wanted something deeper that i could provide but never got the chance to , so my question how many girls felt like that at some point? did you act based on it? is it a justified reason to do anything?


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  • To be honest, I've never felt that way. However, her reasons for changing are understandable.


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