I've fallen for my best friend, HELP?

My best guy friend and I are in the same class at school, we see each other every single day and do everything together. All my other friends, my sisters, anyone who sees us together tells me "Oh, he really likes you" or "When are you guys gonna start dating?" and stuff like that. We call each other baby, babe, bub and all that, sometimes we randomly start holding hands...
I was talking to my other friend last night, and she started telling me about how she really thinks that he likes me, and then I realised and admited to her that I think I have feelings for him. She told me I should ask him if he had any feelings for me. So I did, and he said no. She told me that she still thought he was lying because of 'the way he looks at me' and acts around me etc. We kept talking and, eventually, she had convinced me to tell him. So I texted him and told him how I felt. He told me again that he didn't feel the same way. My friend still tells me that she thinks he's lying, and I kinda think so too, but I can only really go off what he's told me.
Does he actually like me or am I just making things up?
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What Guys Said 1

  • He likes you. But it's possible that it's not enough, or in the same way that you do.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think it's there, maybe he only sees you as just his best friend. Me & my old boy bestfriend used to be together like that too but there were never any feelings... if there were one of us would have said something because we talk about everything together. he even talked me through talking to one of his close guy friends & we've been together ever since c:


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