What the heck is wrong with these dates?

I've been on many dates in my life for the most part guys have been rude and weird but in the past year or so there has been a different kind of thing. This isn't with every guy but it's with just some they will talk to me very weird.
They speak very low and literally talk without projecting energy. Again I'd happened in the past but it's been a while. A lot of guys online and people in general are energy vampires or takers.

I'm a very positive person and for some reason I always end up being a victim of these types of people. So I just met up with a guy to go to a restaurant. Before we met I called him and he sounded very normal and he projected normally- lots of energy. I almost feel comfortable because he was from another town. But then when we went and sat down and began talking to me he was almost whispering and he was talking while holding energy and it was very weird and not normal. These people are intentionally doing this and it's very strange. Now I am very positive high-energy person and I've been told but I have a lot of positive energy and it could be overwhelming. But this guy was just acting weird like he was kind of getting aggressive with the wrapper and at what he was talking to me he was literally almost whispering and I asked him to speak up. At this point I thought oh god not again I'm knocking to sit here and deal with this crap.

I asked him if he was nervous and he said no and I said he was talking very low and he said he's a low talker which is a complete lie because I can tell that he's actually a loud talker. These weirdos will put on a fa├žade and speak very low and it's so draining I can't even sit through it. I also interact with tons of people daily and no one does this. Only five to seven males I've met online have done this and they were all into spirituality and one told me it's not that they're taking my energy they don't want me to have my own energy n want to drain me. It's crazy and he did it too exact same thing-

He wasn't nervous tho his hand was shaking but there is a specific technique these weirdos use and he seemed angry almost towards me. An underlying hate he was projecting by doing this. It was crazy. I said I had to use the bathroom n left
Otherwise I would've been drained. Does anyone get this energy taking thing these people do and why they seem to have this strange hate for me tho I'm positive and nice and act so weird
I'm trying to get advice on this kind if behavior. Really it's some kind of energy taking behavior and it's done very specifically and it's really effing weird. I've had several weird guys do it and one guy did it too explained it to me why it's done and I ditched him after a concert at dinner. Before the concert he wasn't doing it. He told me it was an energy taking tactic and he was into spiritual stuff. It's all just weird as fuk.


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  • I am just throwing this out there. Is it possible they speak low so that you will lean forward in the perfect position to receive a kiss? Could it be that the aggressivity is somehow a trick taught by coaches or players just as the ignoring or negging. I mean, it sounds as ridiculous to me as negging does.

    • lol... i know... people do crazy things.. but honestly.. i dont get this thing.. its just raelly creepy and weird... i met another date--he acted WEIRD.. he even admitted he was socially awkward but u cud tell he was acting creepy around me... he also kept moving his head side to side... like moving his face from one angle to the next.. it was dizzying and 'awkward'... we did talk for a long time but it was painful... i met up with him again and he 'didn't' act this weird... but it was still hard to be around him.. he spent 8 hours with me and took up all of my day... i was dizzy and sick afterwards os maybe he did drain me... who knows...

      these guys are creepy and crazy... who knows what their intentions are...

    • @asker Oh I know what their intentions are lol
      I don't understand how you can be so socially awkward and still date though...
      Like you said that behavior must disappear with a little time. So I guess, keep on going?

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  • Wow. I wish I could explain that. I'm shy by nature; it takes me awhile to get rolling but once I do, I'm as normal as the next person.

    • But would u talk super low and hold energy back. It's one thing to be shy but these people do this specific thing. I've had others do it who explain it to me. This guy wasn't shy he was In his 40s and purposely was acting this way. It takes a lot to talk like this. It's not somethng u do even when shy. One guy who did it also didn't do it when we first met. He was into the occult and explained to me it's an energy taking tactic

    • No, no I wouldn't. I'd probably avoid eye contact and look nervous, but I can talk. I'm a professor, for gosh sake. If anyone can talk, it's me. I'd do my best to make sure you had a fun time and learn as much as I could about you. I'd then ponder it for a few days and reflect on how things went and what I could do differently the next time. Each date, I refine my approach. I put a lot of work into a relationship.

  • Maybe you should travel the himalayas, release your energy, capture in a bottle, make a fortune, bless the lowly, quiet world with your revolutionary charisma.

    • u think its a charisma thing.. or just an energy thing? and thats kind of interesting... i do have energy adn am positive but i dont get the crazy reactions to it

  • ever had the thought that maybe you're a bitch?

    maybe these guys get shy when they meet up with you because you have such an aggressive attitude which has evidence if you asked him to speak up

    • A bitch? I'm super nice and I def don't sound like one. Ur an asshole obviously and angry too. How about u get lost u psychopath

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    • jenny mccarthy was single for a while and looking online... single males are uusally sociopaths and crazies like crap like you--there are plenty of good single women out there.. who are beautiful and amazing... you will be single for a long time and if not... i pity the thing that has to be wit hhideous demonic sh*t like u

    • yeah you aren't jenny macarthy... and sure there are plenty of single guys your age but the majority of men have already married by that point... and any guy that hasn't isn't normal... so yea...

      and there are very few women that aren't either married with a kid or living with a very long term boyfriend by 30

      girls like me... don't be so mean lol

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