Ex and I have been hanging out a whole lot more. I'm recently single. But he has a girlfriend of 4 months. I need some advice?

My ex (Robert) and I have been separated for almost a year. We have a 21 month old girl together. The relationship we had was so significant for us both. Chemistry, the happy times-- you name it. We broke up on a stupid argument after 2.5 years together.
As of a month ago he and I had been hanging out and talking in the car. (Since either of our families want to see either of us together) It's been so fun! We've had sex several times-- so I broke up with my boyfriend of only 4 months because I didn't love him at all. (I cheated and felt bad.) But my ex Robert is STILL dating his girlfriend of 4 mos. I ask if he ever feels bad about cheating but he claims he "doesn't think about it".
Robert has poured his heart out to me. He's told me very often that he just misses us. And misses living with me. And he loves hanging out with me all the time. Wouldn't you think he'd leave his gf? He claims he considers us going out again.
But what am I supposed to think? We don't base this weird friendship right now on sex. He confides in me and is happy too! When I joke about me being a "side hoe"-- he gets angry. He says I'm disrespecting myself. he gets very angry.
But isn't that what I am? Basically!!
Anyway, I just need some advice. I love this man. I miss him so much and I know he misses me just as much! Will he ever leave his gf? That scares me. Anyone ever been in a situation like this before? Where he comes crawling back and telling you that he needs you? Even just to talk and cuddle.
I'm so confused. Does he really love his girlfriend more? She doesn't acknowledge him on FB. In fact, his friends don't know his new girlfriend at all. When him and I dated-- the whole world knew! I want him to leave her. But what signs do I look for?


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  • At this point if he wanted to get back together with you he would do it. This is probably as far as he's gonna take it.


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  • I don't think he's going to leave his girlfriend. He's just getting what he wants from both of you.


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