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Can Someone Tell Me What Exactly Is a Crush?

I have been asked from the beginning of puberty, who do I have a crush on?

Nobody has ever seemed to get that I never really have a crush on anyone. In fact, I've never really known what it means.

Okay, so you have a crush on that guy. Does that mean you want to sleep with him? Does that mean you wish you were more than friends? Is it this emotion that bubbles up inside you whenever you're around them? What? Or is it sort of like, you want to protect them or something. Does it mean you're just going to obsess over that person now?

I know my friends can get jealous if their 'crush' looks at another girl/guy in the way I assume they want the crush to look at them.

Somebody has told me that I must be asexual if I don't get crushes. Well, no. I do want to have sex, I am interested in sex and having it so I can't be asexual.
A friend has said maybe I'm demisexual, but. I'm not sure.
The reason I don't get crushes though isn't the problem. I dont care and really, if my friends are any indicator, not having crushes is only makng my life easier. I don't have to deal with liking a person who doesn't like me back.

So, the question.

What exactly is a crush, and how do you know you have one? What does it feel like?
Can Someone Tell Me What Exactly Is a Crush?
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