Should I call her?

Well, basically she's a girl at friend level with me. And I know this because I'm shorter than her. And she said she only dates taller guys. I have no problem with that, so I guess she likes one of my friends, and I have no problem, but I told her were going to the movies on saturday, and she said "can you call me when I go so I can meet up with you guys" so does that mean she wants me to hook her up? I don't know her that well, because I I barely met her, but should I call her?


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  • It does sound like she wants you to hook her up with him. If you don't know her that well or don't feel comfortable, then don't call her. If she wants to date this guy, she needs to take matters into her own hands. Not have you get them together.

    • Im absolutely comfortable with her, I may even be falling for a little, but I know she likes my friend so ill hold myself, anyways I already called her, it went well.

    • That's good, as long as you don't get hurt in the process :)

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