If you want ur ex back is it better to stay friends and let it progress again slowly or no contact so they can really take the time to miss you?

Which one works best?


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What Guys Said 1

  • With no contract he'll probably just move on.

    • Don't they saw absence makes the heart grow fonder?

    • When they say that, they're talking about being away from your loved ones. Like when you're together absence makes the heart grow fonder.

      If I break up with someone and never hear from her again. I'm going to move on. Not track her down and try to get back together with her.

      That said, I agree with far2gud4u's comment. Either way you're playing a game to 'get him back', and it's likely to backfire.

What Girls Said 1

  • Both are games... I think you need to just be honest and ask if they think it would ever happen. If they say no then you need to move on. You cannot make someone think they love you by playing with his mind, eventually he will realise and it will all fall apart...


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