He doesn't love me anymore?

2 weeks ago, we had some arguments. On Tuesdays, he texted me about game and we talked.. then yesterday my last reply was an ok and he lastseened it.. his last seen today was 1456 but didn't reply.. I know an ok isn't easy to reply but in the past he wouldn't last seen mg okays , he will keep the conversation going on even if its just an okay.. but now he ignored it.. did he lose interest or don't love me anymore?


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  • i am also in a long distance relationship and we also argued but now she left me forever and she might be loose feelings for me and she never come back again

    • He and I ain't having a long distance rs. We are classmates n bestf

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    • how could i inbox you you are anomyus

    • I will inbox u

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  • I would not worry too much about it, because personally I think just because he hasn't responded after an ok doesn't really affect how he feels about you. He may have continued the previous ok's with a conversation, but there will always be that one day in which he may be busy or just not simply in the mood, or clueless on how to continue. I've had that several times with guys and girl's that have ok'd in their last reply and no matter what I just can't seem to think up a question to continue the conversation


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  • It's just the one text! Maybe he was busy! I think you're just reading into it too much!


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