Is friends with benefits stopping true love?

So many younger people seem to be just sleeping around with others in a friends with benefits situation purely for sex. Is this holding people back from finding love and what if u do find true love and that person finds out you were just randomly sleeping with somebody for sex? Will it make them think less of you and stop your true love becoming reality?


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  • The true love idea is a limiting concept. Lust first, maybe love later or never.

    • Don't agree, I need to feel a connection greater than lust before sex will happen. This has meant no relationship lasted less than 5 years and never lowered myself to a one night stand. Admittedly a few relationships ended but it was love that made them last so long. And in my opinion better than meaningless sex friends with benefits etc

      Thanks for the comment though, it does tell me that there are many out there happy to just have sex and either let love grow or just become another notch on the bed post.

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  • The hookup culture is bringing about the destruction of loving relationships.

    You can't sleep with 10, 20, 30, or more casual partners and then still have a strong emotional/biological loving bond with another person. It just doesn't work that way.

    Sadly, people growing old with each other in a committed relationship is going to be nearly extinct in the future.


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