My boyfriend isn't attracting me anymore?

Nothing he says ever makes sense. One night he told me that he's worried when I drink with my friends I'll cheat on him. It's so hurtful for him to think that. I told him that no other guys attend her parties and that it's just a couple girls sitting around a fire. He then says, "No, I meant I'm worried about the guys trying to get with you." BUT THERE aren't ANY GUYS. He's so hard to understand and he also never takes school seriously. He had a ten page paper to write and didn't do it because he wasn't "feeling it." My dad goes golfing every Wednesday on the sale course with his friend and my boyfriend always shows up there, my dad sees him and tells me, and then my boyfriend denies ever being there. I've always told him to be honest with me, but he isn't. He went out with his friends drinking one night and ended up all over social media for acting like an idiot. I don't know what to do


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  • U need a long talk he really likes u and needs u but dosn't feel good enof and probibly feels like u don't want him any more and r trying to brake up with him so he scared


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  • If he isn't attracting you anymore, I suggest you just move on. My last boyfriend wasn't attracting me anymore, I forced myself to stay with him and things got really ugly.


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