Lots of communication through text before date but not now. Even though there's already a 2nd planned? Is she interested?

Ok so me and this lovely woman have been talking for 3 weeks. We messaged online for a week and texted for a week and bit before we finally met. We texted all day everyday. Conversations were engaging and interesting. Our first date exceeded expectations. It was the best first date I've ever been on. She's a potential keeper and it hard for me not to show my interest. Anyways after the date she texted me thanking me for the lovely evening and we made a 2nd date plan for next Saturday. We don't text like we did before and she takes forever to reply to me. I don't care about texting but I'm also trying to make sure she's still interested. Before we met it was like 60 messages each a day and now it's like 10 at the most. Should I worry or should I not worry? Remember she came to me immediately after the first date. Also she's busy at work doing projects and stuff that really aren't her job description. I also texted her 7 hours after I didn't get a reply and she said sorry I haven't looked at my phone since such an such time. I kinda believe that because she's never on Facebook and when we hung out she never once went on her phone. She also did take some time replying when we first met. Is this all normal


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  • I wouldn't worry too much, cause she's probably just busy with work, so don't look into it too much.

    • I agree man! I was overthinking. My ex's out that chip in my head if you know what I mean?

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    • Exactly man! Every guy has had that experience where they find a nice mature woman and they don't know how to act because everything is so different from the immature games that girls play. I'm in that place

    • Agreed man!

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  • She is probably not that interested or she is dating other people simultaneously.

    • We've been texting all day today! As soon as I showed her that I've got a life and in ok with no texting she started messaging me lots. We are texting right now! She was just busy with work. I've dated lots of girls but this one is definitely interested it's so obvious now. How stupid could I be even thinking she wasn't. You mark my words this girl is a keeper

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    • Well no maybe not super interested but I've got her attention. She's a smart girl and she's never been serious with any guy before. She's taking her time to get to know me. She's about as interested as she can be at this point. She's not like every woman out there she really isn't! If you met her you'd understand. My best friend used to work with her and she said this girl is my soulmate. She called me the second she found out I was talking to her

    • She kissed me, texted me immediately after the date, replies to me when free, initiated some contact, she does all this but she's extremely shy! I over thought all this and made a huge deal out of nothings. If I keep doing that then she won't be interested.

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