HELP! All he does it sext me!! Going on a weekend getaway with him next weekend... I have known him for 10 years?

I have known him for 10 years, we used to date casually back in the day but I was always in and out of serious relationships so we never had a full go at our relationship... We have kept in contact throughout the years... He invited me to Ft. Lauderdale next weekend for a weekend getaway and staying at the Ritz... A month ago I was not feeling well and he sent me roses and a sweet card... I just got out of a serious relationship 3 months ago and I am open to seeing where it can go with him but I need it to go slow. It seems like he wants me to send sexy pics a lot and sext a lot and I am just not there with him... Is he just interested in me for sex or could it be more? Should I tell him before my trip with him that I dont like sexting all the time?

  • He likes me and wants me for more than just sex
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  • He is just trying to have a weekend sex getaway with me and thats it!!
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  • I think he likes you but since you just came out of a relationship he most likely thinks you're not looking for anything serious so he's showing you it doesn't have to be serious.


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  • I was looking for a middle option here. He probably does like you, but it's obvious sex is on his mind. He's probably expecting it. Best to tell him in advance that you want to take things slow or the deal's off.


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  • It's actually hard to tell based on the things you shared.

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