Going into depressive state over crush, can someone help me figure out the situation?

So I've known this girl for almost a year now, but didn't start talking to her until about 3 months ago and since then we have talked almost every single day. I decided to finally talk to my friend about it who then got the girls brother to ask if she liked me and she said no, but knowing that this was said, the two siblings are very close and that is something either of them would lie about, but I feel as if she is lying. I can say that there is almost a 100% chance she was telling the truth, but when we talk I feel like it goes a bit deeper then it would be if she didn't like me and when we are around each other in person with all our friends we both look right into eachothers eyes without losing eye contact if that means anything. The big issue that arose from this info is that the first friend I told was telling me to just go for it and ask her out to a date to the movies where I was going to just let my emotions for her flow, but then a fwe hours later told her brother and yeah. I feel like I want to go with the whole movies thing just to see if her opinion would change or if she would show her true self once I let all of my feelings flow, but now I'm bouncing off the walls with it and think if she really wasn't lying then doing this would ultimately ruin any kind of friendship we have and make it awkward when we are both around our group of friends for one another. Please help me out here, I have completely lost interest in any of my hobbies and each and everyday for about 4 days I just sit in my room getting sad, not paying attention to eating, drinking or anything really and try to sort this out in my mind. I am thinking of asking her best friend who I am sort of close to if she doesn't like me just to be sure, but should I maybe wait longer and try to impress her in some way to really gain her love?


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  • Omfg dude your putting her on a pedestal! Stop with that bs! She's just one girl! D: if anything all girls want to be treated like friends. Now tbh you deserve her more than the next guy. Stop with that self doubt! Because losers who are uglier then you, shorter then you are getting laid while your over there being depressed. The key here is self confidence. Ask her if she wants to go to the movies thats it. if she says no then at least you got an answer if she says yes then you know she likes. Stop being a pussy and handle your buisness.


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