Girls, how to get a hot girlfriend?

  • be mentally and emotionally attractive as possible (sexy personality)
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  • be physically attractive as possible
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  • have a high IQ
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  • mind, body, and soul must be all hot, in order to get a hot girlfriend
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely think it's more of an emotional thing, if a guy will be gentleman-like it's nice also intelligence is always awesome.


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What Girls Said 6

  • Depends on her personality... she may be hot but shallow, stupid... she may be hot and classy, smart... or all these things mixed. But if you have it all... mind, body, soul, it's a higher possibility.

    • than go get such guys... i would have a great personality

  • D + money to burn
    Have fun with that as long as it lasts

  • Be hot yourself.

    • without hot personality?

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    • I wish you the happiness

    • I want you to be happy.

  • I don't know. Ask a hot girl

  • you need to work out and have a body that shows that you are fit, muscular and sexy

    have a good sense of style. this is something that will vary from girl to girl because we all have different preferences of guys. this is going to depend on the kind of girl you wanna attract. the best way to judge how you should dress is to visualize the kind of girl you want to date, then notice what the guys she usually dates dress like. simple way to do this is go on social media and look at the hot girls in your area... now pay attention to their boyfriends and the guys in their social circle - thats how you wanna dress.

    have good hygiene

    be social and not boring. have a life. girls do not like boring guys who just sit in the house

  • It's mostly the hot girls that cheat. Trust me, my guy friend only goes after hot girls. He's had 16 girlfriends and most of them cheated on him. And he's overweight so there's hope for you. And he's 17 so it's not like he's 17 so he's not rich or anything.


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