How can I stop feeling guilt for breaking up with my bf?

We dated for 10 months. He had issues with committing. We didn't see other people but he never actually truly commit to me. He would hangout with me twice a month.(He's only free on weekends so we would hangout on Saturdays and I'd sleep over and go home Sunday ) And I just get really upset that he didn't even want to spend time with me like there were times where he was free a whole weekend and he didn't even wanna see me. How do I stop feeling guilty for breaking up with him? I didn't want to stop seeing him cause I love him but I did whats best for me because this relationship just hurt me and ruined my self esteem.:(Is it wrong of me to want to see the guy I've been dating for 10 months at least every weekend?


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  • Ask yourselves these questions:

    Did you ever meet any of his friends?
    Would you do activities together?
    Would he spontaneously invite you anywhere?
    Would he often agree to do an activity before hand, and cancel afterwards?


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  • You did the right thing. I don't understand from where your guilt derives from.
    Anyway, your feelings are probably only temporary.


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  • It takes time. Hang out with your good friends. Know that you'll get over him.

  • You dumped him for not committing, so leave him alone. Stop torturing yourself and him.


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