Do you think it's embarrassing if somebody is already 19 but they've never even been asked out (on a date, had a boyfriend, etc)?

I feel so embarrassed because all of my friends have already had at least one or often even several relationships and they sometimes joke about me being "forever alone". :/
I just wanted to know how weird would you think this is if someone told you this about themselves.. In all honesty would you mock them for it or secretly laugh about them?


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  • aw poop. This is still bothering you huh?

    OKAY. Let me break it down for ya.

    So I know a little about ya through our conversations, but it all boils down to this very fundamental point: There's nothing wrong with you.

    Like literally, there are far more pros to you than there are cons, and its not embarrassing in slightest that you haven't been approached by a guy yet. YOU ARE 19!!! Not even close to hitting your peak yet. Part of the issue is that you don't even know how good of a catch you are, but thankfully im here to remind you.

    Firstly, you are smart... smarter than any 19 year old i know of to be frank. I mean you know 6 languages, i assume you're going to some prestigious school in the UK and doing well there, and you have a knowledge of things outside of the normal realm of a 19 year old that is very impressive (and attractive) to me. just on that fact alone, i'd consider dating you... but the goods doesn't stop there

    Second, you are gorgeous.. subjectively and objectively. I won't go into why here... but just trust me on this. I know you have some insecurity about your height, but i really don't consider you that tall honestly. Yes, you're taller than me, but im just really short :)

    Third, you're open minded... which is a great trait for a girl to have. A lot of girls today are too uptight, too rigid, and can't take debate on anything. You are different. A good different.

    I mean what's not to like about you... seriously? The real problem is that people just aren't that interactive today because we are slowly being conditioned to fear our fellow man with all this talk of terrorism and terrorists under every rock. Guys are also more afraid to approach women today because feminism is conditioning a lot of people to believe that guys approaching girls outside of like, the classroom is a form of harassment. Guys would just rather be safe than sorry. I'm sure you know that the trend when it comes to marriage and relationships is going down in the western world, not up... so that just goes to show you that guys just aren't in the game as much as they use to be. So your current position is more a product of the climate and the culture you live in than it is to do with you personally.

    If i knew you in person, I'd honestly love to ask you out and learn all about you, but tbh you are more likely to reject me than i am to reject you, because of the whole height thing and your preferences there.

    • So no.. i don't consider it embarrassing to not get asked out at your age, and i definitely wouldn't mock someone, or secretly laugh at someone for it. Hell, I've never been asked out in all my years of living. A lot of times, I've usually had to really put 110% of my all just to get an inkling of attention from women, and a lot of times it still wasn't enough. So like, don't feel bad Micky. Really. You're not nearly as unlovable/undesirable as you may think you are

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    • thanks for mho!

    • you're welcome :)

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  • They're just being assholes. Don't let them get in your head. If you are confortable the way you are, remain like that and hold your head up. If you are unhappy, why don't you take iniciative and ask someone out?

    • I'm terribly shy when it comes to guys I might like tbh but thank you :)

    • Ok. I understand. Well, you're very young, you have your whole life ahead of you.

      Take care.

  • I have my sister's permission to tell you she's 21 now, and has never been on a date, never had a boyfriend. She's more concerned with her university work than worrying about boyfriends.

    If that's you in your profile pic, I wonder just how many guys there really are who would love to ask you out! You are pretty stunning, to say the least!!

    Please don't worry any more. You will make some guy very happy indeed!!

  • You're not alone, I haven't had a relationship ever in my life, last time I kissed a girl was at 8 years old... It certainly sucks, every time I see a couple I just feel so sad that I don't have my own girl, it isn't embarrassing, just some people for whatever reason can't seem to find anyone, for me that reason is being disabled and not going out enough.. You'll find someone eventually just like I will, don't feel bad and ignore the doubters. Good luck

  • First of all, there's nothing weird about that. And second, if it bothers you so much, why don't you try asking a guy out?

    Seems like all you're doing is sitting back and doing nothing, waiting for guys to come to you, then whining that nothing is happening. If you put in some effort, I'm sure you could find a boyfriend in no-time.

    • Honestly, this advice works for the majority of girls who claim they can't find a boyfriend. Most of the time when girls can't get a boyfriend, they haven't even tried getting one. They're entitled, and think that the perfect guy will just magically appear out of nowhere and ask them out.

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    • when did I complain wth? I just asked whether it's embarrassing - furthermore it's not harder for shy guys than it is for the girls in any way since shy guys are often rather 'cute' and shy girls are just seen as weirdos smh lol bye

    • Shy guys are seen as "cute" yes, but they're still expected to make the first move.

  • It isn't embarrassing at all. You seem very attractive so it could be guys are intimated to ask you out. Also, you are probably not giving the easy girl type most guys are looking for at that age, which is perfectly fine, so that could be another reason.

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  • Don't worry.. You haven't missed much anyway. Teenage boys aren't known to be the most mature guys you could date.
    It's not weird to me. I got my first date at 19, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
    Your friends are assholes.

    • Ok well thanks :) I already figured that thing about maturity hahaha

  • Gurl! You're gorgeous, your style is fucking great! I don't know what's going through the minds of those guys around you... but you're beautiful!
    Why do you want a relationship anyway? Being single is always better ;) You can have lots of fun, the whole relationship stuff is stressing... I bet you don't want a guy to tell you what to do 24/7. Enjoy your youth as much as you can :D

    • That's true :) I just think it would be nice to just see what it's like and honestly I think even my family is starting to think there's something wrong with me because I'm still single hahaha but thank you so much !

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    • Thank you very much! :) maybe I just have to be patient

    • Yeah, that's all you need :)

  • It's not weird at all, you have plenty of time. I was exactly like you 3 years ago, wondering what was wrong with me. But believe me, the right time will arrive and you'll experience love for the first time. The only advice I'll give you is to hang out a lot, be happy, meet new people, find hobbies that make you happy 'cause you don't need a boyfriend to be a satisfied and accomplished young woman. Don't focus on this, just enjoy yourself and everything will make sense one day :)

    P. S. Remember that guys need a little help too. It's not easy for them either. I bet there are at least 5 guys who thought you were attractive and interesting, but didn't ask you out because they were afraid you'd turn them down.

  • Nope. It's not. I wasn't asked out until I was in the 9th grade and he only asked me out because he just wanted a girlfriend.

  • Nope! I've never been on a date. I'm not embarrassed by it. I don't think you should be either!

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