17 year old girl and 14 year old guy dating?

I like this guy who is 14 and I'm 17. I'm wondering if this could be a problem.. well, I know it COULD. Also, I'm a senior and I'll be going away to college in half a year. The place I want to go is in a different state and that puts some distance between me, him, and also my family. I'm not even sure if me and this guy will start dating, but if we do.. hrm. Do you have any experience with any of these situations?


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  • STUPID! I'm sorry you realize that it's true guys do mature later than girls an you will find out. It's awkward with family and friends and you'll always be known as a creeper while your with him. I tried to stop my friend from doing this but she did so I supported her and she found out the hard way how stupid it was. So just incase you didn't get it from my first word IT'S A REALLY BAD IDEA DON'T DO IT, It's STUPID! But if you don't believe me just wait but I hope it works out