Should I text him? I really miss him?

I was going on dates with a lovely guy, and we went on 4 dates, but after the fourth date I panicked about it possibly getting serious as I just got out of a relationship and went straight out with this first guy, so I told him I needed space and didn't want to go on another date. But now all I do is think about him, it's horrible, I feel like I've made a massive mistake. But now this other guy I used to like has asked me out, but I'm worried he's a bit of a player and not sure about his intentions. I don't know what to do, I want to talk to the first guy still, would it be awful to text him? Even if it is just to see how he is? He said he wanted to keep talking even if I wasn't ready for anything anyway, but I said I needed space... Please help! xo


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  • Text them both. Be honest that you're dating multiple people. Then figure out what you want from there.

    Dating isn't about commitment. It's about exploring what you want.

    • Thank you! So it would be ok to text the first guy that I said I needed space to?

    • Yeah, he seems willing to pick up. He knew you needed space. Just don't give them any indication that you're exclusive.

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  • Just text him! you're probably just worrying about nothing:)


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  • Text him. He'll probably be happy to hear from you.


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