Does it sound like this guy might be broody?

Ok, so I've known this guy for about 4 months or so now - we flirt once in a while, but I'd probably consider us friends. Anyway, recently (the past week or so) he's liked lots of photos on fb of people getting married and photos of newborn babies, even sharing a video of a dad and a baby laughing away.

Does it sound like my friend might be broody and wanting kids? He is 30 years old if it makes a difference.


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  • Not really broody, maybe he simply likes the idea of having children of his own some day. Or maybe the video with the baby was funny.
    I shared a video with this 7 year old girl. Why? Dunno, it made me feel like "man, I wish I'll have such a great time with my children some day and make my daughter have this much fun".
    That does not mean I would want to get anyone pregnant in the near future.


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  • Liking pictures on facebook doesn't mean much.


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  • i believe u shouldn't take "likes" so seriously since people give likes pretty easily... better ask this man in person


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