Should I be worried if he doesn't really initiate contact?

I met a guy on vacation early last month and we really hit it off. We spent some time together on the trip, going out to dinner and just enjoying the city. He was extremely nice and respectful and I really enjoyed being with him. When it was time to go our separate ways, we both agreed to keep in touch. Since then we pretty much have. We've talked either by phone or text everyday since then. We talk on the phone for hours at a time all night and based on our conversations, I think he's really interested in getting to know me.

The only thing is, I initiate most of the contact. He always responds though. If I suggest that he give me a call, he always does. I haven't really tried to see what would happen if I just went silent and didn't reach out because I like him and think about him so much and I WANT to talk to him and know how his day is going and share details about mine.

We live about 500 miles apart and we're both more than willing to visit each other. I'm just a little anxious about the distance because I've never done this before and I really want to see him again. I'm just wondering if I should feel some kind of way about always being the one to get conversation started--even though he always responds. Am I making something out of nothing?


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  • Distance can be killer. Even if you both really want to make it work, it just sucks when you can't be *with* that person. It might be why he doesn't initiate.

    You could always try going silent. See if he contacts you. That would be a pretty clear indicator if he wants to pursue anything serious.


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  • I'd be worried if I were you. If he was interested he would put an effort in initiating conversations.


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  • it means he's either not intersted (but i don't think so judgin by yer 1st paragraph) or simply doesn't know how to initiate and he's afraid he might say sth stupid.

    but give it a try bout wot u said, by turning silent ;)


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