My ex keeps using her suicide card, what am I supposed to do?

I've cheated on her and went for a new girl.
My ex still wanted to see me despite the terrible things I've done to her.
It's been almost a month since we broke up, yet we still see each others.
Yesterday, I wasn't able to answer her phone call because I was with my girlfriend, and her friends.
They all saw the call info so they know it was my ex.

This morning, I called her back and she was crying that I wasn't there for her when she was going through a major depression because of multiple struggles she's going through (not only the break up) and that she doesn't want to live anymore. This isn't her first time telling me about committing a suicide.

I'm one of the huge reasons why she's depressed, but I don't think it gives her any rights to continually abuse suicide card. What should I do about it?


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  • Tell her family you are concerned about her mental health, call the police next time she threatens you. Sometimes the police can have them taken to the hospital where they can be evaluated. I know you guys broke up and she hasn't moved on but she has underlying issues that are not your fault. The next time she does this crap call someone who can help her.


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  • You're a fucking horrible person, let's just get that of the way.

    How about actually apologizing to her and explaining that you're a completely selfish cunt that cheated on her, because that's what you are, a cheater. This will never change with your future relationships, you will cheat because you're fucked in the head. That's the truth of the matter, been proven many times.

    So that's all you need to do, explain you're a giant piece of shit and she did nothing wrong. You cheated because you're completely selfish and only care about yourself. If you didn't then you would never have cheated on her in the first place.

    This should give her the closure she needs to move past a shitbag like you.

    • Funny how she still wants to see me after I said that exactly

    • Hahahahaha well then she's the type of girl who enjoys being treated like shit, doing anything to get attention from the men who do this to her.

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  • You need to find her help, and then leave her alone so she can move on. Does she have family or friends that she could move in with?

  • Well I think the man below is a moron. When a woman says she will kill herself, she likely won't. But take it seriously. She should get help. If she really is suicidal she doesn't need berated like the @stamoist man below indicated, she needs to be helped.


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