Dumb question but how to reply to this?

i know this is stupid BUT i want to know how to answer this. ok so there is this friend i've been talking to lately and i have this vibe that he likes me. its just the things he say (like he texts me "goodnight, (my name) and sweet dreams) and im developing feelings for him too. we would text and when the convo is dying i would ask " so what do youu want to talk about" he would say " you".. ? lol
so today he asked me to come and see him at his workplace and i said maybe bc its too far. he said to ride my bike there but its like 2 hrs away on a bike. then he said "its only 15 mns farther, but its a lot of busy streets and i dont want to donthat to you". so things like that makes me like him bc it seems like he cares. SO HOW DO I REPLY TO THAT? im not good at flirting or anytging like that and i feel like saying "aww thanks" seems so empty. stupid questuion but i need help lol i like tonhesr from all the people whomare good at flirting and stuff like that.
another thing, do you think (just from what i told you) that he may have feelings for me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like he likes you. Just suggest you guys meet up somewhere instead of going all the way to his work.

    • Im gonna try and do that bc it's too far lol and you're right, he does like me. He texted me and said I was beautiful 😎 lol

What Girls Said 1

  • If you really want to see him tell him: "It's not a big deal to me" and show up there. If you can't go arrange him to meet someplace else. And yes, it sounds like he is interested in you!

    • Ok :) he works at this place where he stays all week and has on day off, that's when he wasn't me to visit him or when he has visitors' dat. And you guys were right and my guts! He told me I was beautiful ^_^ lol yay!

    • This is good, he definitely likes you!

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