How to get rid of a drug addict?

My boyfriend claimed his sister was pregnant, homeless and addicted to drugs.. So he begged me to let her move in with us.. I opened up my home to her and she stole from me, always had homeless drug addicts in my house, called me racial slurs (I'm Asian, she is black) and refused to pay rent after getting paid. I decided to have the police give her 48 hours to get out of my house.. A week after she leaves.. I see her back at my house, because my boyfriend told her that she could stay AGAIN without my permission, even though my name is on the lease.. He gave me a speech about how family don't turn their back.. I really don't want her back at my house, but I don't want to go against my boyfriend because I love him.. what should I do?


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  • You need her out of your house. She'll continue to steal from you and have her druggie friends over. Seriously. Drug addiction is a problem and it bleeds over onto everyone else in your life. You need to not be in her life. The is one of those times where family can and should turn their back on family.


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  • You love your boyfriend enough to allow a drug addict sister come back to ruin your life again i know all about it cause my drug addict cousin lives with me and it's hell so my advice talk to him and tell him your going to keep calling the police when stuff goes down,

    • I agree with this person

    • It's not too good when you got to lock things up, i had to lock medications up
      cause my cousin would steal my medication if i didn't so, she knows where i keep them
      but she knows why i did that for.

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