Why do I always end up being the rebound?

I have this patern with my relationships where I'm always the rebound even If I dont know usually they claim they been single for a long time or lie about it. They always end up leaving me for the ex why does this keep happening?


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  • Because they view you as a friend. Your being the nice friend. You need to make them know what your intentions are

    • I dont get friendzoned I become the rebound meaning a guy they do they and bang and then leave for the ex, how is that "view as friends"

    • Because they want nothing more from you. Maybe friends with benefits. Try not being the rebound by making yourself more appealing. Work out, change up your clothing and hair. What do the exes have that you don't? Try to find what makes the girls go for them and not you

  • SO change your whole image for a few douchebags? WOW.

    • Every single ex has been like thats not normal

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