GIRLS! Taking it slow/building trust/etc?

Been casually dating this girl a little over 2 months and things have not gotten too hot in the bedroom. She def is into me, and has told me that on several occasions, but we really haven't gotten past making out. I am really into her (as far as casual dating goes) and want to escalate our intimacy. All we have done is make out and feel eachother up a little bit, is it permissable to ask her where her "lines are" or what she is comfortable with? I really am an assertive dude, and for some reason I've slowed my usual pace down for her, and havnt made any chancy moves. Should I just level with her and have a chat with her next time I see her? Or just fucking go for it and skip the chat? Or a mixture of both?


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  • I would wait a little bit because she is building trust with you and you don't want to ruin it by saying something to early


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