Falling in love with a man in the Military for the very first time?

David and I went to the same middle school and highschool, but where never friends. In April he contancted me via facebook and we started talking. It went from on facebook messenger to texting, to calling. This is training season for him, so a lot of the time he is out of touch. We met up in Charleston, SC where he is stationed and had the most magical date of my life. That was last weekend and he has been in training this past week and un able to speak. He is leaving for Iraq for four months in August He will be visiting me in two weeks before he goes.

How hard is it to start a relationship at the begining of a deployment? Does anyone have any tips or advice for me?
Has anyone gone through this before?


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  • it will be hard but just be strong and keep a picture of him with you.


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