Please help! I asked a girl out to go on a date sometime and she responded with "Kay"?

So I've been crushing on this girl pretty hard for a couple of months now. We see each other pretty often and when we do she shows signs of interest by staring into my eyes for a long time talking about relationships. She's a pretty shy girl who doesn't really have much experience with relationships. We used to text a lot with back to back messages w/o delay. She ignored me once so I did the same. And when she even called me out on it I acted like a jerk. I realized I did this and decided I had to make it right. So I texted her to apologize and to ask if I could make it up to her somehow. She responds "what was this something that I could do?" I ask if she's at home rn. She says yes. So I don't respond I go buy flowers drive to her place and surprise her and I apologize. I said "I'm sorry for the things I said last night and the things I haven't said in the past. I hope you'll accept my apology". She doesn't take the flowers at first for some reason. But eventually she does. I then tell her "another main reason I came was to finally ask you to go on a date with me sometime" she responds with "Kay" perhaps the most ambiguous line ever. I leave her place with giving my applies again and telling her that "go on a date sometime okay?" I text her after work and she doesn't respond. Which Is weird cause she usual does right away. So girls and guys I'm lost.. Did I do the right thing in telling her how I feel? Was "Kay" an alright response? What is she thinking? Were the flowers overboard? And more importantly what should I do Or act? Cause I see her often.

-note* we've been out together alone plenty of times to eat and hangout but we've never called them dates even though I paid.
UPDATE 7/11/15
Today I saw her. At first she acted very indifferent towards me and wouldn't even really look at me when I spoke to her. I acted like it was the same to try to ease the awkward tension. Eventually we were in a big group and I made a couple of inside jokes we both knew and things began to become normal between us again. I was really happy to see this. But why do I feel empty? How should I bring up that I actually did ask her on a date and need an actual response (yes or no)


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  • She's not interested. I wouldn't press this anymore


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  • Why didn't you try and set up the date or at least find out when she's free when she said 'kay'?

    • Although if you've been out alone with her multiple times and you paid those would probably qualify as dates. So if you never really made a move to get more physical or show her you wanted to be more than friends, she may have thought you weren't interested in her before and wanted to be just friends

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  • Maybe you just really surprised her!


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