How should I play things out with this guy?

Alright, so I work at a grocery store in a strip mall by my house and there's this really cute guys that works at the pottery studio a couple stores down. He comes into the store every once in a while and for the past couple of weeks, he's been super friendly to me, seemingly coming up with excuses just to talk to me. He's been telling me to drop by the studio, so the other day I came in and said hi. He seemed very surprised and happy to see me. We talked for about ten minutes and got along really well. Then he asked me what I do on my days off and then gave me his number. I waited until the next day to text him, letting him know it was me and he asked me what my schedule looked like so we could hang out sometime. I told him I was pretty flexible and that if he told me his availability (he works full time) we could pick a day to meet up. So anyway, this happened yesterday and so far, I like the way things are going. I also really appreciated that he gave me his number instead of asking for mine, it made me feel a bit safer and in control. I figure I will just wait a day or two to hear from him again, but after that, would it be alright for me to contact him again? The guys I've dated in the past were all VERY clingy and aggressive, texting me practically all day, every day and I'm not used to dealing with someone like him who has such a busy life. He seems interested and I am too, so I'm just wondering how I should play things out with him?


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  • Sounds like things are progressing nicely. Just let him keep leading and slow it down if you feel like you need to.


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