Does he like me?

I was day dreaming looking at this guy but i wasn't doing in it on purpose I didn't realize this until he looked a me and smile. he's nice to me and he makes eye contact with me and i have caught him looking at me he says hi to me im very shy so i look at him and look right away and this morning i saw him coming and i hide behind a wall and he came to see and said hi and we had bump into each other a lot and the last time i saw him he made eye contact with a upset face a part of me wants for him to like me but the other wish he had a girlfriend someone told me he does and i believe it I have low self esteem when it comes to guys why i don't know but a part of me wants to get over him too.
Today he actually talk to me just to ask me how to pronounce my name later i saw him looking st me while i was on the phone and he kept on walking around where i was and he would look to see where i was whic is funny because he ignore me when i ask him something and instead he talk to another girl i try not to laugh and roll my eyes then i was walking behind him he looked back at me when i call a girl and i went side another hall and when i came out he was in the middle at the end i looked


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  • Just go up to him and ask for his number. That's a good start.

    • I'm very shy when it comes to guys.

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    • Yeah i think i better let it go i feel like I'm too much for him. Why does he play games?

    • Cause he doesn't care about your feelings?

      Yes, letting go is for the best :)

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