Is a relationship with a couples from different cultures will never succes?

from an exprince, i have learn that the girl only like the man of her race and culture, do you agree with my exprince?, or you have another opinion?


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  • Not true. My neighbors have been happily married for more than 25yrs. He's a Figian Muslim and she Estonian, two very different cultures.

    If two people can respect each other's culture or religion it can work.


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  • these relationships can work , However, they require an enormous amount of tolerance, work and patience. Some girls from various cultures and races do
    only stay within their groups because the pressures are enormous for them to do this. But in my opinion they can work. In closing as in any relationship the success or failure
    depends on the people involved.

    • every single word you have said is true :)
      but what pressures they face to stay within the man of their own race and culture?

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  • It's just a matter of taste I like my men white but my sister like them black. So maybe it wasn't the right gal for you and you have broke up not because of your cultural diffence but because you werent compatible.

  • No, I can find an attractive man from every single race and culture. The problem is I'm surrounded by mostly white guys, so what choice is there really for now?

  • Depends how extreme, how one's beliefs are.

    • thank you for your opinion
      but do you think in usual girls like their own race men, and culture? :)

    • ;Yes in general. But there has been an insurgence of black and Asian people obsessed with white people... (is this about collecting better genes for their offsprings?) :PPPPP

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