Talking or approaching aren't things I really do. Is there another way?

There is this girl who I fought with two years ago. Post-fight, we became civilised to each other but not really friends. The thing with her is that she is sort of fake. She's an aquarius (if that really matters) and always fakes friendship or love. She does feel sad, and I want to be there for her. But she gives me those vibes that she doesn't want me around. I don't care whether she's fake really, though I do fear that if she fakes being my friend in future, it will hurt me. What do I do? How do I get close to her right now? how do I make sure that she won't fake it? I really want her a lot.


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  • Most people who come across as 'fake', are usually putting up a front to protect themselves from being hurt. The best way to help her, to be become her friend, and over time, she should let down her guard and allow you to see the real her.


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