8 dates over 3 weeks - how good can the emotional foundation be?

So far he's consistence wtih daily communication and been a "prince charming" to look after me when I'm sick and also come to my rescue when I need help. I feel like I can trust him and I feel appreciated.

Also I used to see my dates or ex only once a week but I'm very happy to see this guy for twice a week, and he is the same with me regarding date frequency with exes. I finally had a sleep over at his we cuddle each other to sleep and we didn't cross the line.

have a feeling next date might be all the way... Is this all too soon?


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  • Can't be too soon if you feel ready ;)

    • I'm not sure if I am LOL how can I roll it back?

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    • Thanks for MHO!

    • We are now dating exclusively.. not in relationship yet though... so i guess no guarantee haha

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  • Any guy with half a brain would know how to make a girl feel special by doing her favor in order to do her. Doesn't take any emotional investment.

  • Sounds like you found your prince charming :)

    • Is it safe to say things can progress on physical level? I wouldn't want it without the emotions..

      Also I know he has close female friends that he goes out for dinner with... on Saturday night... one on one... so this is where I have doubt. he claims she is a foodie friend.. i never heard of that.. better not be fuck friends

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    • Hey don't be sorry I think we all feel a bit awkward when asking where we stand. no one likes to appear needy

    • Lol I guess you're right ;)

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