Why do the vast majority of men think that most women look attractive?

On this site, I see women posting pictures of themselves CONSTANTLY, asking "do I look good?", and you men ALMOST ALWAYS tend to say yes. Why do the vast majority of men on this site have no standards?


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  • Maybe they consider calling someone unattractive rude or do not want to hurt someones feelings.

  • People like different things. Not everyone thinks like you.
    Besides, there are way more guys that post "how do I look" questions (and also "How is my dick size")


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  • Have you ever thought about sometimes we just don't comment on those we don't find attractive so the ones that are we do comment so it looks like we find them all attractive?

  • Why would you want to tell a stranger they look bad? The people who want to know if they are attractive obviously lack confidence and are looking for a boost. It would be better if they didn't need one but taking them down isn't doing anyone any good.

    So if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything.

  • Even if i see a girl whose not quite my type, you can still find positive things to say to her w/o lying to her.

    Rather than just throwing out reasons why you don't like the way she looks, i just stick to outlining what i think are her strong points. No matter how much the poster puts "be brutally honest," comments and judgement still hurts if done in a negative way.

    However if you do want to add critique, be tactful and constructive.

    Or if the girl is just a train wreck, just move on.

  • mhmh, I mostly care about a girl's face and most have no prominent features, so most are not that attractive to me

  • 1. Most guys are ugly or average at best. So they'll lower standards, have to settle for what they can get or think that anything with a coochie is cute LOL. Since they know that in the end they have no shot whatsoever at snagging legit rated 7-9 girl off their #Looks alone.

    2. On GAG kissing the #ASKER'S ass will gets you MHO 90% of the time or ya know validating whatever they already had in their minds already about this or that topic since most of them are just looking for confirmation anyway.

    3. Why hurt someone's feelings that you don't even know? Me personally IDGAF but I can see why everyone #Overrates these people (confidence boost) ^_^

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