Girls do you believe guys who are or were into occultism/mysticism are the grossest and most repulsive guys ever, even if they are good-looking?

No matter how they look, if they r into these stuff I get da impression dat they r even grossier than a super-hairy or an obese guy…. or even a combination of both as long as they’ve got normal interests/hobbies.

Sometimes I feel if a gal finds out I was into these shit as a teen she’d be totally turned-off and break-up asap…even if I’m not into these shit anymore.

So vote/answer honestly…which guy would u choose to date?
  • A good-looking guy who's into occultism/mysticism
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  • A super-hairy/obese guy who has normal interests
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  • I'd go for the guy with an interest in occultism. I've known a few people like that before, and they're good family friends, so it wouldn't bother me. As long as it wasn't too big to him and took over his life or anything, then I don't care.


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