Why are my fellow indian guys so low on confidence?

i mean i see many questions like "do white/black/asian/latina girls etc like indian guys", tbh u are he man it's up to u to man up and go after ur girl, u like white girls np sure most girls would have an idea of a crush etc but that shouldn't stop u, u suppose to show her that ur the guy ! i like white girls and i am dating one atm so is most indian guys i know, but back home guys come on man up


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  • Well, questions like that certainly aren't limited to Indian guys. I've seen them asked by people of every race/ethnicity.


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  • I don't like indian guys

  • Indians have low confidence? I always found them arrogant.

    • haha, that's because they're aloof. You have to know how to read them better. People think I'm arrogant too when really it's because I'm in my own little world.

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