Guys, Describe your perfect woman/girl?

Facialy, physicaly and behaviouraly describe your perfect woman/girl. :)


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  • Physically: Palish with a spotless cute face (unless she's ginger and has sexy freckles), skinny, but with a size-sable waist, nice curvy bubble-butt or heart-shaped butt, preferably some nice C+ or D sized breasts, although these aren't 'must have' (unlike the butt). Red hair is very sexy. Also, nice legs, the butt and legs are the things that call my attention the most.

    Behaviorally: reserved, hipsterish, independant, and goofy/geek. Someone i can be a total nerd around. Preferably living by herself, i like someone strong (by that i dont mean she isn't void of emotions) but rather she dosent care to change or conform for anyone, she is herself, and the world can fuck off if it dont like her. Not someone who is a flirtatious social butterfly, thats just ugh, but she knows how to socialise and has friends, so she isn't clingy either. Loves cats, is kind, understanding, and patient, she knows the meaning of "shit happens", but talks and works out problems rather than running from them, making excuses, or worst of all; playing the victim all the time. Has a passion, loves trying new things, cooks :3 (i cook too so this is a big bonus for me), watching movies/series up late, dosent mind me giving her endless affection like hugs and kisses, PLAYS VIDEOGAMES, loves cuddling and exploring sexual fantasies. And most importantly, no matter how busy she is, she still find time for me and puts me first.


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  • Haha I only have to mention one person... @soccerchick4eva <3

  • I like a girl who genuinely gives a fuck, bubbly, spontaneous, playful, quirky, knows boundaries, comforting. obviously she has to be hot too tho just sayin

  • Funny, charismatic, independent, ride and die type chick. If she's all that personified she dont even have to be cute, just don't be deformed or obese and my dick will rise everytime.

  • 3 feet tall
    no teeth
    flat head to rest my drink on
    good suction

  • Physically, my ideal girl is very tall, and with a cute face.

    In terms of personality, my ideal girl is dominant, confident and assertive, and perhaps even slightly masculine.

  • My perfect girl? A cute by sexy looking face and nice and caring at the same time :)

  • Candice Accola with her role in the Vampire Diaries.
    OR, the character "Doctor Temperance Brennan" from the serie Bones.

  • Pfff a lot of talk let @genie23 describe herself 😜😜😘

  • *lower number is more important*
    1. nice/caring, and not just to me, but to others as well
    2. cares about health, not necessarily physical appearance
    3. believes me when I compliment her
    4. compliments/ego boost on my not so fun days
    1. blonde with pony tail
    2. not overweight, with some muscle, just enough
    3. at least enough butt to grab
    4. B size breasts
    5. white (sorry, doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy with something else)
    1. very touchy/feely in and out of the bedroom
    2. SURPRISE BJ's!!! (well every once and a while)
    3. Willing to alternate sub/dom (I don't want to be one or the other everytime)
    4. teases me... a lot
    5. cervix is just barely out of reach
    6. likes massages
    1. likes a variety of music
    2. likes to go out to the ocean
    3. likes hiking
    4. can at least watch cartoons with me

  • You want perfection? A girl who knows how to cook. who needs and wants my help/protection. Big hips and breasts. Tight stomach round ass. Symmetrical face with gorgeous eyes. Gotta be smart but just slightly dummer than I am. Must be curious about everything yet respectful of my boundaries. Submissive yet able to stand on her own when I'm not around. A good caring mother to my children. Able to handle multiple tasks without freaking out. And to top it all of she must be a complete slut in the bedroom and if we're going for perfect she's gotta be bisexuals and into the same type of Women I am.

  • One who can stay faithfull.

  • Barbara Palvin

  • let's see...

    1) she would have to be drop dead gorgeous without makeup
    2) have a statuesque body
    3) be naturally tan
    4) have perfect skin
    5) went for laser hair removal prior to meeting me
    ... my perfect girl :D

  • Ah perfection
    1. Irreligious, perferably an optomistic nihilist or an existentialist
    2. Compassionate to her self and others
    3. Confident but not cocky or dominating
    4. A degree in something
    5. A reader
    6. Positive thinker
    7. Childlike playfulness
    8. Fan of humor especially dark and sarcastic humor
    9. Lightly and tastefully tattooed
    10. Good and experimental cook
    11. Gamer but not excessively
    12. Fan of the outdoors and animals
    13. A fighter and or dancer (I like other sports but those are my favorites)
    14. Looks good with long and short hair (especially with short hair)
    15. Great with kids
    16. Slow to anger
    17. Sexually explorative but safe and conscientious of possible consequences
    18. Not a fan of makeup
    19. Adventurous and loves to travel
    20. Tolerant
    21. Multiethnic or at least culturally educated
    22. Average sized boobs, strong core and muscular round bottom, But not cut, a light layer of fat is great.
    23. Bright smiles! And really expressive
    24. Financially responsible not frugal
    25. An extreme cuddler that walks super close but never cross the line of being annoyingly touchy
    26. Respectful
    27. Appreciative
    28. Clean
    I think that's it
    But most of all I wish she was real :(

    • Oh forgot peircings I'm always a fan of just a few body piercings excluding belly buttons on those weird hip ones. And good fashion sense meaning she's knows how to dress well for a variety of occasions.

    • *and not on

  • Skinny, cute, sexy boobs , beautiful smile 😍


    There she is ! At least for the physical part.

    Personality wise : does not want / need / me as the "big protector" - is mature and confident in herself , knows what she wants and ambitious , and exciting !


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