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My best friend for over 7 years is into my sister and he told her to ask if i'm ok with it, and she has a attitude that i can't tell her who she could date etc, she is also shying away from talking about it but i think he might like her, i don't want them to be together because obviously they would spend time together and i'll be left out plus it's just kinda weird u gotta understand she's not yet 14 but it seems like she's crushign on him and he's 18 but I don't know what to do, should i tell my parents? they might say oh she's coming of age an it's ok to go out etc


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  • Be honest with the both of them tell them how you feel you don't meed to involve your parents if he's a true friend he's would understand and your sister is crushing on him as she gets older it would either go away or get stronger snd and trying to keep them apart will only make them want each other more don't get me wrong im not saying you should let them date im saying let your sister hang out with you and your friend this way you can have some kind of control over what happens

    • good answer i am hesitating to give u the MHO because of ur location, i'm not a fan of people from ur country but i might give u it so i'd also receive points

  • No! Friends don't do friends sisters!


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