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There's a man that I like, but his dad is the owner of the school that I attend and he works there. So, we can't really have a relationship until I graduate, which is still a year away. I really would like to get to know him. I've only had two interactions with him though, one was asking him a question, the other was asking if he could help me. I'm thinking about just going up to him and saying "hey, I know nothing can happen right now, but I'd really like to get to know you." I'm just tired of "scheming" to make interactions happen. He's white and I'm mixed so, that is another thing holding me back, I don't know if he'd be attracted to me because of that. Anyway, would it creep you out of a women came up to you and said that?
  • Go and talk to him, he'll probably be flattered.
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  • Don't go talk to him, he might be creeped out.
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  • Mixed as in ur black but light skinned?

    If u only had 2 interactions with him I say don't do that. Also he is white and high class considering 5hey own the school. U better have some class urself girl cause that matters in real life.


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  • Just don't do anything to get the guy in trouble. He's not a teacher, is he? If he is, I'd wait until I was not a student anymore.

  • Fuck his dad, talk to him. Why kinda dad doesn't want their son getting girls anyway?

  • go ahead,
    You can never know the odds
    If you don't play you'll never win


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