Workplace romance? Good idea?

Okay I'm interning in a law firm and there are quite a few cute co-interns. Should I make a move or avoid it, cause it could distract me from my work?


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  • Bad move. You're not there to scope out good looking women. When the internship ends feel free to call up one of them and ask them out but definitely not during the internship if you value it.

    • yes you are right, it's hard to resist sometimes since I'm single, but what you said makes sense.

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  • That's a really bad idea not only woll it distract you but think of how a break up will will affect your work environment also it surely affect how your future colleagues and employers and clients see you

    • yes very valid point, well the internship hasn't been converted into a full time job but I'll really need to work upon it to have some chance.

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    • thank you

    • You're welcome

  • Avoid it like the plague. There's a saying (pardon my language) that you should never shit where you eat. Essentially work and your personal life should be mutually exclusive. Never should the two meet because if things don't work out it could create an uncomfortable working environment. Perhaps become friendly with these girls and look into connecting with them after you're internship is done. Good Luck!

    • well ignoring the language :P that saying does make a lot of sense. I always try to keep work and romance as separate, so I avoid hitting on my co-interns.

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