Are dating websites a waste of time for men?

For a decent-looking guy, are dating websites a complete waste of time?

It seems they're all focused on getting women with men rather than the other way round... this just emphasises the fact that women have it easier in the dating world.

I've had a couple girls ask me out, but they're ugly and I wouldn't dare.


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  • In my experience yes, couple months now, and I had a lot more luck outdoors than on dating sites.
    But I suck at social media, selfies and **** so that might be it...

    And thing is that on dating sites you are supposed to contact them, which can be annoying in the long run.

    Try to go out, it's also better experience in opinion.


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  • It's a waste of time if you're:
    -Not White
    -Not Rich
    -Not Tall
    -Not Fit

  • not at all. But there are a lot of differences between sites.
    Match. com better women, better men. Site costs more.
    POF - its a crap shoot since it is free
    Foreign sites
    FilipinoCupid. com - really pretty women. Lots of love for americans... try it its free.
    CherryBlossoma. com - a bit older demo than FilCupid but still they love Europeans/Americans
    AnastasiaDate - really hot women - want your cash... not all -


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