Guy likes me, he has a girlfriend, what do I do?

So this guy likes me, but he has a girlfriend, or at least he had last time I checked, which was today.
I kinda like him too, but I live in Europe and he lives in America.( Have met him en person before, so no it's not just a guy I've met online, cause I met him in America)
I know it's wrong since he has a girlfriend, but he's like the best guy ever. But then there's the distance, and I don't know what to do!

What should I do? Cause I don't want to ruin their relationship..


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  • >Only met this guy once
    >Lives on the other side of the planet
    >Has a girlfriend
    >But still wants to fuck him...

    You realise how silly this sounds right? xD, Seriously, Save your emotions and just drop it, There is no outcome where this ends good.

    • I've haven't met him just once.. I live in America for 1 year, and I've have known hime since day one there.. Moved back to Europe 3 weeks ago.
      I spent a lot of time with him in America, so no, it's more than once

    • I just assumed because you said ''Have met him en person before'', I could only assume you meant once.

      But, Regardless matey, I just wouldn't get involved with him in that way, All it will do is likely destroy a relationship, And i can't imagine how such a long distance relationship could ever possibly work.

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  • If you want to be the good guy and tell his girlfriend that he likes you then he would probably dislike you but it would be the right thing to do. Or wait till their relationship fails (which might be a while) and maybe you guys can date but from Europe and America, that's a damn long distance. I wouldn't date a guy from that far away, that is a whole country away.


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