How do you reconnect with an old crush?

A couple years ago I used to work with this girl at a grocery store. We got along great, I felt like there was an attraction, and she later told me yeah there was that connection. The problem was we were both starting up new relationships. Mine eventually fell apart, partly due to my interest in work girl, but I recently found out that she is single now. Thanks Facebook! And now that's she's available, I can't stop thinking about her. We had good chemistry and now that we're both single, I want to see if any of it is still there. But its been about 2 years since we last saw each other, no real communication other than some Facebook comments. How do I reconnect with this girl? I was thinking about going by her work and hoping to run into her and then ask to catch up over drinks, but maybe that's creepy? Maybe I should just message her on Facebook or something?


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  • facebook!!


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