What is dating exactly--hanging out and seeing how it goes? is that 'dating'?

if i want to know if a boy wants to start spending time alone with me while we see where things go-is that me wanting to know of he wants to date?

is that what dating is? spending time together and seeing how it goes?

and if i ask him on a date is it clear im asking bc i want to know what he wants _more_ than i actually want to go on the date itself? and does that mean i want to date or does it mostly mean i just want to know if he does?


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  • Dating is spending time with another person 1 on 1 for the purpose of discovering whether you two would be interesting in entering into some sort of intimate relationship.

    And if you ask him on a date, then you just have to make it clear that you intend it to be a date. This could be as simple as saying, "Hey, would you like to go on a date with me?"

    • i just dont want him thinking im asking him to do me a favor. i dont want him saying yes out of pity. i want him to understand that when i say do you want im asking what he wants not what he's willing to do. i notice a lot of guys-masybe girls too bt i dont pay attention bc im not into them- think if i ask something im asking for a favor. i hate that. i literally want to know if he wants to.

      is it awkward saying 'date' bc i dont hear it a lot. but I don't know how else to speak that'd make it clear-without it taking way too long to explain.

      but yes your definition is what i want., to see IF. not to assumer kit is so. i expect some guys will also think a date means im assuming more, but what can i do. some people jump too quickly. i can only be direct and clear i guess.

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    • Misread your question. It's kind of vague. Anyways,

      He should know what dating is. If he doesn't then that's not your responsibility. If you're that concerned about it then just remind him that this is just a date and doesn't necessarily mean you guys are in a relationship or that it will even lead to a relationship.

    • right exactly. thanks.:)

  • It seems to me that the line is getting blurred these days. If I want to go on a date with a girl, I'll ask "Would you like to do x, y, and/or z with me?" If I just say "would you like to/we should hang out sometime", that would be more friendship.

    • hmm thanks. thats helpful.

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